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The Greatest Weatherman Bloopers

Forecast flubs that make the weather even better
Everyone has the occasional slip-up at work. Too much stress, too little sleep: whatever the cause, it happens. But when you're a weatherman broadcasting on live television, your flubs are there for the whole world to see. These videos prove that in the most hilarious ways.

Be warned that many of these clips contain offensive language and some shocking images, which makes them even funnier.

When you combine some amorous dogs and a giggly weatherman, this is what you get.

This guy is both down-to-earth and eating his fiber regularly:

If Sam Kinison had been a weatherman, the results might've been similar to this:

The forecast is not good for Mexico in this anatomically correct map. Sometimes, it's clear the graphics team is messing with you:

Where's Jamie Foxx when you need him? When an R&B-wannabe weather guy and the forecast meet, it isn't pretty:

A pelican attacks a weatherman's butt and everyone wins:

There are times when you just want to flip off your condescending coworker, and then there are times when you're caught doing it on camera:

Tourette's Syndrome is no laughing matter, unless you're a weatherman on live television:

It's not always the weather forecasters who have regrettable moments. Here, the news anchor gives the one-two punch:

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We miss our hilarious, warm-hearted weatherman, Don Harman (the first video about the dogs). He was such a bright spot in our mornings. Rest in Peace, Don :o)

June 22 2012 at 5:41 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
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