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What Will the World Look Like When All the Ice Melts?

An interactive map from National Geographic shows how the Earth's coastlines would appear
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What the World Will Look Like When All the Ice Melts
Many scientists believe that ocean levels are on the rise due to ice melt across the globe caused climate change. Currently 5 million cubic miles of ice exist on Earth; if global warming rates continue at their current pace, this volume is estimated to melt in 5,000 years. When this massive melt occurs, what will happen to world as we know it?

National Geographic has released an interactive map that shows what the Earth would look like if all its ice melted and sea levels were to rise some 216 feet. It's no surprise to discover that current coastlines as we know them would be obliterated, and shorelines would appear much further inland.

Florida - yup, the whole state - would disappear, as would cities like Los Angeles and London.

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