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Video: NASA Releases Animation of Gamma-Ray Burst

Check out NASA's new animated creation of a black hole
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Sunday, Nov. 24, 2013
'Monster' Gamma Ray Blast Biggest Cosmic Explosion Since Big Bang
Check out a new eye-popping video that gives a multi-perspective view of the wild cosmic eruption that comes before the death of a star.

"Gamma-ray bursts are the most luminous explosions in the cosmos," writes NASA of its just-released animated video of just such a cosmic event.

Captured by orbiting telescopes last spring, the rare gamma-ray burst depicted in this video occurred in a galaxy 3.7 billion light-years away.

"Astronomers think most occur when the core of a massive star runs out of nuclear fuel, collapses under its own weight, and forms a black hole," according to NASA. "The black hole then drives jets of particles that drill all the way through the collapsing star at nearly the speed of light."

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