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You may be surprised by the health benefits of these seasonal favorites

People respond to cold by increasing their energy expenditure

A record-breaking heatwave in China had people flocking to a water park in Suining, in southwest China's Sichuan province, on July 27, 2013. It's no wonder so many people had the same refreshing idea. Shanghai set its record temperature of 105 degrees F on July 26, and at least 40 cities and countries hit 104 degrees F in July.  Click through for photos of the incredibly over-crowded pools. ...

What does it mean when skin starts changing its hue?

Temperatures have soared across the Western U.S. in recent days. Death Valley reached 129 degrees over the weekend, tying the record for the nation's hottest June day, and highs between 115 and 120 degrees were recorded for parts of Arizona, Nevada and California. Ouch. How to stay cool? Read on. Chill a Water-Filled Spray Bottle  Fill a spray bottle with water and place it in the refrigerator until it's cold. When you're about to head outdoors, grab the bottle, keep it within easy reach and mist yourself with a refreshing spritz. Click through — without breaking a sweat — to see all 20...

A family trip to the beach might not be the good, clean fun it seems. The Natural Resources Defense Council released its annual analysis of water quality and public notification data at U.S. beaches this week — and the results are a bit disconcerting. For the third consecutive year, polluted water or the threat of contamination caused over 20,000 closing and advisory days. Over 80 percent of all beach closures in 2012 were the result of bacteria levels that exceeded public health standards. “Sewage and contaminated runoff in the water can spoil a family vacation real fast, turning a...