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The technicolor vortices shed light on how storms form and develop

One year after Superstorm Sandy brought destruction to so many towns, The Associated Press revisited some of the locations hit hardest by the storm. The progress in some communities has been remarkable. In others, it has been painfully slow. Click through to see photos of Sandy's wrath, then and now. This combination of Oct. 29, 2012, and Oct. 20, 2013, photos shows sea water flooding the entrance to the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel in New York as Superstorm Sandy struck the city, and traffic entering nearly a year later.  ...

NASA astronauts high above Earth get an extraordinary look at deadly storms

Thanks to astronauts in space and an extensive network of satellites circling the globe, we can see and photograph hurricanes as never before. In some of these images, the storms are framed by parts of the International Space Station. Sometimes the hurricanes are set against the black backdrop of space. The results can be stunning. Click through to see 23 striking images. Left: Hurricane Sandy. More than 1,100 miles wide as it swirled toward the Northeastern U.S. in October of 2012, Sandy was the largest Atlantic hurricane on record. The storm killed more than 250 people and caused nearly $70 billion in damage. An...

Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans, La., 2005 A man pushes his bicycle through floodwaters near the Superdome in New Orleans on Aug. 31, 2005, after Hurricane Katrina left much of the city underwater. ...

Summer is usually associated with hot temperatures and sunny skies, but the season can also bring severe weather, like hurricanes, tornadoes, lightning and hail. For homeowners, the result can be minor damage, like broken roof shingles, or major damage, such as structural problems. Every homeowner can take steps to prepare for summer storms and minimize potential damage. Click through for tips on how to secure your home and family during severe summer weather. ...