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Mark Burridge of tweeted this photo of a frozen pond in Norwell, Mass., writing, "Can you believe this crazy weather shot by Jeff Simpson from earlier today? #weather #norwell #wickedlocal pic.twitter.com/3oZS1cG7" ...

Jim Shi tweeted this photo of a frozen New York City fountain, writing, "It's an icicle party at Bryant Park! @BryantParkNYC #NYC pic.twitter.com/brrGeCJG." ...

Phil Dunn tweeted this photo of Sydney's Bondi Beach at sunset, writing, "A gorgeous photo of #Bondi beach by @Tristan_Edouard pic.twitter.com/xCUkGdmv" ...

Jenn Cordova, a student at Oklahoma State University, tweeted a photo of clouds above her school's football stadium, writing, "Srry I had 2 take a sky pic #skyporn#osuprobs http://instagr.am/p/R3g1pSpMGb/" ...